Arkansas Nation State 1836

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I make this pledge ,to the Creator Source of my being, that I am a Original Clan Mother ,who speaks for peace, for Compassion and Love.

I speak for truth, and Light, for trust, and fairness, and for Unity of minds,and hearts upon our "Gi da Kiim inon" (Mother Earth)

Being a Clan Mother upon this land,has historical claim, I honorably affirm that the law of Matriarchy is restored upon Turtle Island.

This is our Sisterhood for all Clan's Women:

We pledge faithfully the Traditional Leadership of the Matriarchy for all Clan Mothers who have always upheld the Laws of Justice, Fairness, and the Right of Last say.

Together in Harmony we ask for our safety, and our Protection of our Feminine Energy, to be carefully respected and honored, with dignity through the laws of Patriarchy.

As all Women are beside the Creative Force, who are the Spiritual Life givers, we pledge this Oath,

fulfilling the Laws of Prophecy, as written,and spoken in the Great Law of Peace.

To future Generations upon "Gi da Kiim inon" (Mother Earth)
Our Sisterhood pledges,from this time forward, to be of good mind, and a good heart, and to forever be of service to others, that we may always remember to follow "The Great Laws of Peace".

Then restoration of the Laws of Matriarchy, in this Oath of Sisterhood as spoken, by Women who will take this solemn Oath; is forever sealed as the Clan Mothers Original Common Law upon Turtle Island.

To the benefits of all those concerned by Casus Omissis (case omitted).
We proclaim our Freedom by the Law of Matriarchy.

The sealing of this Oath is proclaimed under Light and Guidance of the Great Sun, who has been our witness during our journey and stay on Turtle Island, now and forever.

I am the Daughter of Isabel Shawana and my Father Andrew Patrick Nadjiwan

Marie E.Trudeau


All rights reserved, This information may not be mass reproduced, electronically,

without express authorization from my Power of Attorney, or someone that I have given permission to represent me in Common Law. From this day forward.December 03,2008

Original signed documents are held in archive with my POA

Join us today as we form our matriarchal society of Women, speak our Peace, Love and Compassion, for truth, light, trust, fairness, and unity of minds and hearts.

I join with you my Sister as_

_____________________________________of the


 My Native name is:________________________________________________

My Address is:____________________________________________________

My email is:______________________________________________________

If you are interested in becoming a contact ,please let me know.

Contacts are:

 Elizabeth Enyeart (Great,great, great grand daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Booker) roll#197,whos daughter was Rhody Ann Mayfield Booker, who  was the Mother of Miranda Christianne Mayfield, who married my Great Grand father Oliver Marion Clark, who was the Father  of James Irl Clark, who married Virginia Ward, who was the Mother of my Mother .Joan Yvonne Clark, who married my father, Dykes Mitchell Baker, who begat me Elizabeth Enyeart (Baker).


This article posted by family permission.

Elizabeth J Enyeart (Baker)

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