Arkansas Nation State 1836

    1686 territorial copyright for the people of Arkansas Nation= State, all historical seals, flags,
 and documents all rights reserved

We the American People 
voted in a President to lead this Great Nation to even more greatness, standing on truth, justice and the American way.
 We salute you Mr. President(Donald John Trump)for standing for us, against all odds, and persecutions, may your fame forever be remembered in the great halls, just as those of our past fought and died, to keep us free from all those that would try to usurp authority over us. For this we can't ever thank you enough.
Our Children and grandchildren, and their grand children will say he was a brave an honorable man, and deserves his name in the list of past Presidents.
All Soldiers Red,Yellow, Black, and White, who stood for truth and Justice, and fought for all in this Country, and never sold out for themselves. 
For this We the American People of all races, Salute you, our Commander in Chief.

We are a republic of 50 Federated States in Union

Old Glory named when the 50th State Hawaii, accepted the Federal Union of 50 States.

Wampum Peace Flag named when the 6 Nations came together to promote peace amongst the tribes.

Civil Peace Flag when Abraham Lincoln held office it was flying at the Capital.

May the Wampum Peace Flag, forever fly with the Civil Peace Flag, under the United States Flag of the 50 Federal States in Union, as One Nation under God with many Nations united in Union, as one Nation under God.